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Written words were created by mankind not only for reading and...

Written words were created by mankind not only for reading and writing. It is long ago when words were used just fordelivering information. People wanted them look attractive and worked for creation of new forms and styles.

Wordsbecame elements of decoration and modern computer technologies opened new horizons in this field. The idea of 3-D fontsisn't new nowadays,there are many programmes which could create them.

T-Mapper1 differs from them that it creates 3-Dfonts of bas-relief type and uses spherical textures,which make words look more realistic. It contains some optionswhich help successfully map created words.

This programme is simple and could be managed by most people in short time. T-Mapper1 could be used for creation of various captions,inscriptions and logotypes.

User can use True Type fontswhich installed in his computer and twelve textures. Words could be positioned and scaled according to selectedmeasurement unit and aligned by one or in groups.

Images presented at site are created in T-Mapper1,sothis programme could be successfully applied by web-designers according to their scills. If someone wants to createunusual caption or picture with unusual inscription(Valentine postcard,for example),T-Mapper1 could be of great help in this case.

Maybe it would be applied in printing as well,when images are created in special programmes,inscription and captions in T-Mapper1. At first user has to create background,this task could be performed in any graphical application(Paint,for example).

Created background should be saved inbmp or jpg file. Next stage is opening of T-Mapper1 and loading of this background in the scene,which is very simple procedure.

Then user is free to create words(Items). Item could be the couple of words. User can change the font,size,text and texture of item. Their quantity may reach sixteen.

User is able to map them as he or she pleases in the scene. Scene could be saved in x-file or exported to bmp file as a final result. User can change the size of background(limitation of size: Width-2048pixels,Height-2048pixels).

Words could be aligned by one in the center,or by groups along X or Y directions. Words could be aligned along the line,the special checkbox "Visible Frames" is made specially for this purpose.

He or she may open saved scene and make improvements. The process of opening saved file could take a long time if scene has many items or these items are long(have many letters,font has wide characters),but usually this time doesn't exceed the couple of seconds.

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T-Mapper1 1